He Never Left

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My friend, Harun, and I regularly got together to do ceremony. On one occasion, for whatever reason, we decided to meditate. My only furniture consisted of a cafeteria table and two chairs. So, we sat across from each other at the table. We were not holding hands, though that would have been my usual modus  operandi.  We were well into the process, when I felt Jesus’ presence among us. As Harun was a novice meditator, and wanting him to have the most complete experience possible, I determined to tell him what I was perceiving. So, I opened my eyes to look at him and spoke these words, “Jesus is present.” His eyes were already open, and he replied, “I know. He’s standing right over there.” He pointed over my left shoulder toward a corner of the room. As I knew with certainty that the Lord was there, I had no need to prove it to myself by looking. And the Lord had appeared to Harun and not to me. I was more than satisfied to allow my friend to have his own personal revelation.