Behind the Cover

Lori Dobberstein has had a passion for creating in the visual arts since childhood, when she was deeply inspired at an early age by artists Michelangelo, Georgia O’Keefe, and Frida Kahlo. Her love for art led her to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree where she explored her creativity through drawing, print-making, ceramic sculpture, and painting. Although she was able to gain experience in many mediums, she realized that the shoulds and should nots taught in art school actually stifled her creativity and authentic expression. She found that following her intuition in the creative process gave her deep fulfillment and unending inspiration. The images that sprang from there she could not have thought up with the rational, left-brained mind; she had found her Soul’s voice and tapped into the Mystery. Today she continues to follow the lead of her Creative Muse wherever it takes her, be it commissioned artwork, teaching Intentional Creativity, or other inspired projects.

View the journey from start to finish of the painting used as the cover of the book!