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“Michael has been given to you!”

Regularly, though thankfully not often, I have experienced spiritual attacks. Most of these are relatively benign. On one occasion, however, all my resources were inadequate to repel the onslaught. On that occasion, an evil black force came into my bedroom to terrorize me. It was literally snarling. Suddenly, like an infinite explosion of Divine Power, the Archangel Michael stormed in and annihilated that demon. Since that night, I have called Michael the Fist of God. I was told, “Michael has been given to you.”

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The Archangel Michael has several aspects. Once during Mass, Michael revealed himself to me as a ‘putto’, one of the little toddlers that we mistakenly call ‘cherubs’. When he announced the Holy Mother would speak with me, as related in Enter into My Rest, he appeared as a blindingly brilliant, star-like, radiance emanating from a place beyond time and space. And, when the Holy Ones and those who’d preceded me in death came to take me home, Michael was there, standing behind the Holy Mother. That time he appeared as a handsome, princely youth, with medium length dark hair, wearing soft, brown and green leather and fabric clothing.

Michael is the angelic patron of the Nation of Israel, as Daniel 12:1 tells us. At that time, he and his legions will wage war against the evil one, as Revelation 12:7 tells us. It is my heartfelt prayer that some day very soon he will be given to you, too.