About the Author

John Thomas Fuhler was called by the Lord in 1982. Believing it was better to study the teachings of the Lord, he read only the red letters of the Gospels. The verse that spoke most loudly to him was Matthew 6:33, “Seek [you all] first the kingdom of God…” Not knowing what that meant, he set out in search of an answer.

For several years thereafter he was often homeless and always impoverished. At that time, he began studying the major religions of the world.

When the Lord sent him back to his hometown in the spring of 1988, John began serving humanity for the love of God, in the fields of health foods and alternative medicine.

Then one fateful day, again while reading the Bible, he read John 14:15, “If you all love me, you all will keep my commandments.” That triggered an intense study of Christianity and Judaism, a study that continues to this day.